The International Piano Competition “Chopin Plus” is an event whose main objective is to activate, integrate and exchange the experience of the pianist community in Poland and abroad (students and teachers).

Chopin’s works are considered to be universal and close to every pianist, regardless of temperament, artistic taste or environment from which he comes from, therefore including the compositions of the most eminent Polish composer in the programme will additionally strengthen the artistic bonds. By creating the Chopin Plus Competition, we wish to appreciate the diversity of interpretations, bearing in mind the individuality of pianists coming from various musical centres around the world. The competition will also constitute an important point in the long-term plan of “Chopin’s return to Wawel Hill” in which Krakow, being the cradle of the Polish piano school (Zbigniew Drzewiecki, Halina Czerny – Stefańska, Regina Smendzianka, Adam Harasiewicz, Tadeusz Żmudziński, etc. lived and taught here), reminds Poland and the world of its great roots by organising events centred around the figure of Chopin.

We invite you to beautiful Krakow!

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