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1. International Piano Competition „Chopin Plus” organized by Artistic Association “Porta Musicae” and Primary and Secondary Bronisław Rutkowski School of Music in Kraków will take place in the period from September 30th to October 31st 2020.

2. The auditions will be conducted in an online formula – based on the submitted video recordings, which will be judged by jurors invited by the organizers. The competition will take place in five age groups.


For the Competition can apply young pianists assigned in following groups because of the age of participant:

I group – born after 2010

II group – born in years 2008 – 2010

III group –  born in years 2005 – 2007

IV group – born in years 2002-2004

V group – No age limit


1. Applications for participation in the Competition (on the form available at should be sent by September 30th, 2020 to the competition email address: with attached video recordings containing the presentation of the works required in the candidate’s age group. Preferred way is to send a link to the recording placed on YouTube.

2. Pieces can be recorded separately without internal editing.

3. The recording should present the entire silhouette of the candidate.

4. Recordings on electronic instruments will not be considered.

The following attachments should be send with application form:

a) copy of document showing date of the birth

b) short CV

c) proof of payment the application fee

d) High resolution portrait photo.

Application fee in ammount 30 Euro should be send to:

Porta Musicae Artistic Association

ul. Przewóz 36A/15, 30-716 Krakow, Poland

account number in Euro: PL 05 1750 0012 0000 0000 2724 6052

in the title of payment write: Donation: “Chopin Plus Online” and the name of participant.

All the candidates, who in the day of beginning of the Competition are under 18 years old should add letter from one of the parents/guardians about their agree for participation in the Competition.

2. Application form sended after September 30th, 2020 will not be accepted.

3. The list of participants qualified to participate in the Competition and the date of the audition will be posted on the Competition’s website.

4. In case of resignation the application fee will be not returned.

5. The results of the competition will be published on the website no later than 20 October 2020.


Program must be performed from memory.

-One piece composed by F. Chopin

-One or more pieces composed by composer of the candidate’s nationality

Group I – up to 6 minutes

Group II – up to 10 minutes

Group III – up to 12 minutes

Group IV – up to 15 minutes

Group V – up to 18 minutes


1. Director of the Competition invite Chairman and Members of Jury. If necessary the Director of the Competition can make changes of members of the Jury.

2. Composition of Jury will be announced public before Competition.

3. Jury rates performance of participants and work according the Regulation of the Competition approved by Director of the Competition.


1. The list of Prizewinners will be approved by director of the Competition based on the decision of Jury.

2. There will be prizes and distinctions in every groups.

3. The list of Prizewinners including the prizes will be annouced public.


1. Jury has right to change the system of prizes or not to aword some of them. However given prizes can not be lower or higher then as they were announced in Regulation of The Competition, and the amount designated for the prizes can not be rised.

2. Decisions of Jury are irrevocable and unchallengeable.


1. The winners’ concert will be held by publishing an online concert on the Competition’s YouTube channel.


Participants are obliged to provide permits for Competition Office for free use of their artistic performances during competition and also give the Competition Office dispose the rights for them in following fields of exploitations:

– recording and reproduction: production by any technique copies of performances, including magnetic and digital recording technology

– disseminating: broadcasting and re-broadcasting and reproduction to the public performances in such a way that eweryone has access in chosen by themselves time and place.


In all organizational matters not belonged to the competence of Jury, Director of the Competition has the right to make decisions, which are irrevocable and not amenable.

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