Chopin Plus Online


The “Chopin Plus Online” International Piano Competition is an event whose main purpose is to activate, integrate and exchange experiences of the pianists’ environment at home and abroad (students and teachers), while artistic events around the world (concerts, festivals, competitions etc.) ) were suspended or revoked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The original plan provided for the organization of the Competition in the traditional form (the event attracted partners, including media partners, the patronage of the Mayor of Krakow and the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage), but due to the epidemiological situation it was canceled.

Chopin’s work is considered universal and close to every pianist, regardless of his temperament, artistic taste or the environment he comes from, which is why placing the composition of the greatest Polish composer on the program will further strengthen his artistic ties. When creating the Chopin Plus Online Competition, we would like to emphasize absolutely safe access to participation in the event and also appreciate the diversity of interpretations, taking into account the individuality of pianists from various music centers around the world. The competition will also be an important point of the long-term plan of “Chopin’s return to Wawel”, in which Krakow, being the cradle of the Polish piano school (here lived and taught Zbigniew Drzewiecki, Halina Czerny – Stefańska, Regina Smendzianka, Adam Harasiewicz, Tadeusz Żmudziński etc.) reminds Poland and the world with its wonderful roots by organizing events centered around Chopin’s characters.

In addition to Chopin’s works, it is introduced as a required element of the program, a work composed by the composer of the candidate’s nationality, which will allow participants to show close aesthetic sensitivity and also promote the music of their country, often distant and currently unavailable due to suspension of travel. Due to the epidemiological situation, the Competition will be conducted in an online formula – based on the submitted video recordings – which will be evaluated by the jury invited by the organizers.

Age categories:

Group I – born after 2010

Group II – born in 2008-2010

Group III – born in the years 2005 – 2007

Group IV – born in the years 2002 – 2004

Group V – no age limit

The program will include:

-one piece by F. Chopin

-one or more works by the composer or composers from the candidate’s country

Presentation Time:

Group I – up to 6 minutes

Group II – up to 10 minutes

Group III – up to 12 minutes

Group IV – up to 15 minutes

Group V – up to 18 minutes

All submitted entries will be published on YouTube, on the Competition profile. At the end of the Competition, there will be a concert of laureates, also in online form – on a set day, at a set time, the results of the Contest and recordings of laureates of awarded places (1-3) from all age groups will be presented.

Winners will also be asked to send a short interview during which they will present their artistic profile and answer a few previously sent questions (people from abroad in English). The above ceremony will also be published on the Competition website, as well as on Facebook (Competition profile and profiles of cooperating cultural partners) and YouTube. The competition scores will be published after the results have been announced to make the event transparent. The winners will receive diplomas, financial prizes as well as prizes in the form of participation in master classes (depending on the epidemiological situation in the form of online lessons or directly in 2021 during the Summer Academy of Music in Krakow, Music Courses in Nowy Sącz or the Malopolska Academy of Talents in Łąck) and concerts organized by the partners of the Competition.

The entire event (submitted recordings and “online winners’ concert”) will be available after the end of the Competition on YouTube. Information from the course will be posted on Radio Kraków, RMF Classic, Karnet, Twój Muse, Ruch Muzyczny and on Facebook.

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